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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Tanya Dean is a retired New York City Department of Corrections Captain, a Two-Time Daily News Golden Glove Boxing Champion, a certified Personal Trainer andGroup Fitness Instructor, a Inspirational Speaker and Life Coach. Tanya is also an avid roller skater. She created SKATEROBICS®.  Tanya is widely recognized for her motivational and inspirational teaching methods. Her value is her ability to uplift and empower people to be the best they can be.


Over the last 20 years, Tanya Dean has served as a supportive role model and mentor to many women and youth who like her experienced traumatic issues in their past. Ms. Dean has mastered the art of transferring her powerful energy to overcome negative thoughts that prevent men and women from bonding with their best self and future. It is out of her mental strength that exercise, combined with dance and roller skating, SKATEROBICS® was born and now expanding to help changes lives of all who come in contact with her.


Tanya has an extensive background of working with people.  She has created several groups designed to empower them and build self-confidence. Her Roller Skating Troupe made an appearance on the popular Dr. OZ television show in January 2010 (featuring Richard Humphrey) and they were featured on Channel 4's hit show "LXTV 1st Look New York" in 2013. 


"FYI: Tanya Dean is doing an AMAZING job kicking off the event this morning. She is an incredible speaker.The room is packed, and the attendees seem rather engaged.They truly did an impressive job pulling this event together."

Jacqueline Ruegger

"Stirring an audience of roughly 350 young women, Monroe College hosted its 4th annual female empowerment event, intended to boost confidence, challenge female stereotypes and inspire young women."

David Cruz, Norwood News

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